About Us

About Us

For many years now, we made it our primary life goal to be healthy, become financially stable, and achieve an all-around wellness.

In 2014, we opened our H2.O Alkaline Store in Van Nuys, CA.

In 2008, we established Golden Star Financial Services, Inc.(GSFSI), to meet the growing demand for financial security. Our insurance products go beyond the usual term coverage. We offer products with living benefits, which allow access to your insurance funds, in the unfortunate event of a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

Today, GSFSI is simply referred to as Golden Star Financial.

IF you are interested to become an associate or an agent, please contact us, and we can walk you thru the process of obtaining a Life Insurance and/or Health & Accident license.

At Golden Star Financial, we take the stability of your future and the future of your loved ones very seriously, and we think you should too.